KIM ANN CURTIN - Transforming Wall Street

Kim Ann Curtin, also known as "the Wall Street Coach" shares with us some incredible ideas on applying consciousness & authenticity in our professional lives. We also talk about her outstanding new book, "Transforming Wall Street - A Conscious Path for a New Future".   A great show you'll want to hear, if you ever need encouragement in applying conscious living into your professional and business life.

GREG FRUCCI - Running Toward Your Fears

In this SoupTank interview I talk to author, painter and life coach, Greg Frucci.  Greg and I discuss his fantastic sailing journey into the eye of a tropical storm, how that contributed to his personal transformation, his passionate pursuit to confront his fears, and how he is helping others to pursue a conscious, authentic and balanced life.  Great interview.

Mariell De Natris - Conscious Interconnection

In this SoupTank interview, with psychologist and author, Marielle de Natris, we explore her journey to awakening, living mindfully with fear and passion at the same time, and the benefits of living consciously.  We also examine what it means to be mindful in our business and in our work, and the global impact of individual consciousness.