PODCAST – Greg Frucci

In this SoupTank interview I talk to author, painter and life coach, Greg Frucci.  Greg and I discuss his fantastic sailing journey into the eye of a tropical storm, how that contributed to his personal transformation, his passionate pursuit to confront his fears, and how he is helping others to pursue a conscious, authentic and balanced life.  Great interview.

ABOUT Greg Frucci

Greg Frucci was born in Beaufort, South Carolina, raised Christian, graduate of Carnegie Mellon university, worked as an architect for twenty years and he says was fired from this profession because he was, quote… an angry jerk.After two failed marriages, psychotherapy and some attempts to be an actor and screen writer, he wrote his first novel the path of 300, which directly reflected a life changing event while sailing at sea.  It’s currently available from his publisher balboa press.In 2011, Greg set out on this fantastic sailing journey that was to take him to Portugal by way of Bermuda, however on day two of his maiden solo voyage, he fell directly in the path of a tropical storm.  The experience has forever changed him and has led him to seek a life of authenticity and consciousness and includes consciously running toward his fears.He has two more books coming soon, the path of 300 –volume 2 and a very moving book about his father and his death at sea, entitled, “death angel”.

You can find out more about Greg at:  www.gregfrucci.com.

2 thoughts on “PODCAST – Greg Frucci

  1. Jerry Swartout

    Thanks for this discussion! It was really good to hear Greg’s experience and his life changing adventure that brought grace into action in his life. Overcoming fears, and taking control of his life in the present moment, with acceptance and trust in life, as he affirms it, is an inspiring story.

  2. DarrenC

    thanks, Jerry. I too enjoyed my conversation with Greg. It is a reaffirmation for me about moving beyond fear by bringing our attention to the moment, recognizing grace and further how we are so much more capable than we give ourselves credit.

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