Marielle de Natris – PODCAST – Conscious Interconnection

In this SoupTank interview, with psychologist and author, Marielle de Natris, we explore her journey to awakening, living mindfully with fear and passion at the same time, and the benefits of living consciously.  We also examine what it means to be mindful in our business and in our work, and the global impact of individual consciousness.

ABOUT Marielle de Natris

Mariëlle de Natris was born and raised in the Netherlands.  She studied clinical and social psychology at Tilburg University from 1976-1983.

She travelled extensively through South-East Asia, Central and South America before starting a psychology practice in Etten-Leur. After 19 years of working together with a growing number of partners and developing this practice of providing mainly low threshold, short term therapy processes, she went back to practicing solo and giving a more long term, deep form of psychotherapy specialized in integrating traumatic experiences from the past in order to transcend resistance and obsolete survival modes disrupting daily life.

After 28 years of teaching, learning and healing in her personal, professional and spiritual life she decided to create a new form of consulting and mentoring beyond therapy, using the conscious interconnection of all beings. This enlightening and awakening process led to her authoring her recent book, “Conscious Interconnection”, that focuses on becoming conscious of your fears and diminishing them through self awareness and mindful living.

A copy of here ebook, ” Conscious Interconnection – Volume 1″ can be found at

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  1. Marielle de Natris

    Thank you so much Darren for the opportunity you offered to share my musings. I am really looking forward to more Souptank interviews. Warm greetings, Marielle

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