Souptank Online Training Platform.

Souptank Press is very happy to announce it will soon be offering an online education platform for the delivery of it's member's training and coaching programs. These courses will cover topics such as, of self-improvement, self-motivation, publishing, writing, coaching, and personal achievement.

This platform will provide an excellent way for authors and speaker to accentuate revenues by attaching follow up study courses to any book sales, speaking engagements, promotions and/or releases.

As a platform test, Souptank Press will initially release its "Publishing Done Right" course on this site.  This course should be available to Souptank Press members sometime in Early April.

The site is scheduled to be fully functioning and ready for business in Late April or May 2017.   We will offer the use of this platform to our members in exchange for an affordable course set up fee and a reasonable share of the revenues generated from any of these courses.

If you are interested in participating or have any ideas, comments or suggestions for the platform, please let us know.

Thank You,

Darren @The Souptank Press